Refresh. Recharge.


Refresh. Recharge.


Swedish 90 – $90

Looking to simply relax, our Swedish Massage is a light touch, less pressure treatment designed for those who just need an escape.

Deep Tissue – $105

This is where our therapist dig in. Designed to work out the knots, treat injury and specific areas of discomfort like the lower back, Deep Tissue is our most popular massage and will have you feeling not only relaxed but on the road to recovery.

Hot Stone – $105

Similar in pressure to our deep tissue, Hot Stones are used to preheat areas of tightness to help your therapist get even deeper into the muscle. Hot Stones are also strategically placed on pressure points to help you relax.



Facial – $90

Lets face it, our skin is what keeps us looking young and feeling fresh. We recommend every 2-3 months getting the skin cleaned with extractions and a mask designed specifically for your skin type. Do this routinely, combined with a home regimen of daily face wash and moisturizer and you will see your skin looking more youthful for years to come. Also includes a face, neck and shoulder massage.
Approximately 50 minutes.

Chemical Peel – $75

Recommended 2 times per year, this will help treat any sun spots and remove dead skin to tighten and brighten your appearance. Approximately 20 minutes.

Express Facial – $60

No time for the full relaxing treatment, this eliminates the massage and just focuses on extractions, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize.
Approximately 30 minutes.

Back Treatment – $105

Same as our Facial, a deep cleansing, ridding your skin of black heads and dirt and helps deep clean those hard to get spots. Approximately 50 minutes.

Ear Candling – $40

Snap, Crackle, POP! That’s the sound you will hear as a wax cone is used and heated to remove wax build up deep within the ear channel as it breaks up and pulls the wax into the cone. Recommended once per year. Feels AMAZING and super clean.
Approximately 20 minutes.


Manicure – $25

Not so girly. Lets face it, clean, nicely groomed nails and hands is always an important first impression when pushing paper across the table or shaking hands.
She’ll appreciate this as well.

Pedicure – $40

No one likes unsightly feet that are in need of some love. This includes trimming, removing dead skin, a deep calf and foot massage (the best part) and moisturizing to soften them up a bit. Once again, she’ll will notice this for sure!

Paraffin – $15

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Back/Chest – $55+

Unwanted hairs or hard to reach spots? A lot less maintenance than shaving or plucking and really not as painful as it sounds. Best of all, she’ll thank you!

Ears/Nose/Brows – $20 Ea.