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About us

Located in the heart of downtown, ManKind provides what every man needs, a place to call his own. A chance to escape from the every day and revisit the traditions of yesterday – while experiencing the benefits of tomorrow: hot shaves and shoe shines, a glass of cold beer and a game of pool, all right in front of the big screen.

Grooming wasn’t meant to be a task, but rather an opportunity to present the best you have to offer.

At ManKind we only use products exclusively designed for men and provide a selection that will please all. So make time for yourself, take in a massage, grab a Dip & a Clip and have your hands and feet restored.

And if you have a favorite pair of shoes that need a repair or just a shine, we’ll take care of that too. 

Remember, it’s about you, so sit back, relax and enjoy what is yours!