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Beware of the man that wont be bothered with the details


Dip & A Clip


This is a wash and a cut. Hair wash is always included before or after, your preference. Let our talented team, work their magic as they either transform you into a new look, or simply maintain your favorite style.

One of a kind shave


We call it this because we truly believe (and have been told) it is the greatest shave known to man. We have worked hard to perfect the classic straight razor shave with hot towels, pre-shave oil, hot lather, followed by a cold towel, our secret One of a Kind moisturizer applied cold and then followed by our in house aftershave with SPF15 to protect your skin. Our Signature treatment.

Beard trim


Let us tame your face mane to your liking and give you the jaw line you were destined to have.


$70 & up

Unwanted grays? No problem, we can give you a complete transformation or simply a nice blend keeping a small degree of grays for a more natural appearance.
  • Shampoo & Conditioning always included with all cuts
  • $10 to use steam room with any barber service


Swedish 90


Looking to simply relax, our Swedish Massage is a light touch, less pressure treatment designed for those who just need an escape.

Deep Tissue


This is where our therapist dig in. Designed to work out the knots, treat injury and specific areas of discomfort like the lower back, Deep Tissue is our most popular massage and will have you feeling not only relaxed but on the road to recovery.

Hot Stone


Similar in pressure to our deep tissue, Hot Stones are used to preheat areas of tightness to help your therapist get even deeper into the muscle. Hot Stones are also strategically placed on pressure points to help you relax.

Chair Massage

$1.50 per min

No time for the full 60 minutes and just want to relax for a few, grab a quick Chair Massage to work out the kinks in the neck and upper back.
20 Minute max is the most we offer.




Lets face it, our skin is what keeps us looking young and feeling fresh. We recommend every 2-3 months getting the skin cleaned with extractions and a mask designed specifically for your skin type. Do this routinely, combined with a home regimen of daily face wash and moisturizer and you will see your skin looking more youthful for years to come. Also includes a face, neck and shoulder massage.
Approximately 50 minutes.

Express Facial


No time for the full relaxing treatment, this eliminates the massage and just focuses on extractions, exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize.
Approximately 30 minutes.

Back Treatment


Same as our Facial, a deep cleansing, ridding your skin of black heads and dirt and helps deep clean those hard to get spots. Approximately 50 minutes.

Ear Candling


Snap, Crackle, POP! That’s the sound you will hear as a wax cone is used and heated to remove wax build up deep within the ear channel as it breaks up and pulls the wax into the cone. Recommended once per year. Feels AMAZING and super clean.
Approximately 20 minutes.

Steam Room


Decompress from your day with a session in our steam room.




Not so girly. Lets face it, clean, nicely groomed nails and hands is always an important first impression when pushing paper across the table or shaking hands.
She’ll appreciate this as well.



No one likes unsightly feet that are in need of some love. This includes trimming, removing dead skin, a deep calf and foot massage (the best part) and moisturizing to soften them up a bit. Once again, she’ll will notice this for sure!

Deluxe Pedicure


Includes paraffin and extra massage



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Unwanted hairs or hard to reach spots? A lot less maintenance than shaving or plucking and really not as painful as it sounds. Best of all, she’ll thank you!


$25 ea.

Teeth Whitening


1 Sessions $100 - 3 Sessions $275
Only 20 minutes per session
2-6 shades whiter
No Sensitivity

A Place To Call His Own

At ManKind we only use products exclusively designed for men and provide a selection that will please all. So make time for yourself, take in a massage, grab a Dip & a Clip and have your hands and feet restored.

“Grooming wasn’t meant to be a task but rather an opportunity to present the best you have to offer.” –   Lee Garipoli – Proprietor


  • Shoe Shine
  • Shoe Repair
  • Craft Beer
  • Fine Wine
  • Cigars
  • Billiards
  • Steam Room


I've been coming here for the last I would say 7 to 10 years in it's an awesome place for men to go and be pampered in a manly way by women of dude's are cool to massages, haircuts, pedicures, wine com a beer, cigars comment you got it all

Gabe Carrera

1st time here and I’ll certainly be back! Great place! Great professional friendly service. Was offered a beer right when I came in - served in a frosty glass mug too! Sports on the TV’s and great music playing. Oh, and Heather did a fantastic job with my head shave and beard trim!

Mike Bower

Went to this place a few times when living in Coral Gables. Great staff and excellent services at affordable prices.

S2S Media

Top! This is the Top Place to Relax, Groom, & get treated like a King! Must Try! Also Krystal, Britney, & Maria are the best massage therapist in Fort Lauderdale & they are all here!!!!!!!

Kamran Raza

A great place for men's grooming. 11/10 best beard trim and shave I've ever had.

Jon Paul

Great atmosphere with great service. Was worried about who to go to as I just moved here. Irena did an amazing job and the complementary beer was a very nice perk. Highly recommend!


Great man cave!! I love this place . Great service , appointments are covered on time. Beer is always cold on tap!!! Great staff good vibes!!

Eric White

The Smoothest Shave You Have Ever Had The Good Stuff, our made from scratch Shave Line, formulated in house, founded by real barbers.



Hour vary per location, please check out our Google listing for up to date hours of operation.


Hour vary per location, please check out our Google listing for up to date hours of operation.

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